California Window Tint Laws

Summertime has arrived in California with temperatures soaring throughout the state, and for those of you who are looking to stay cool behind the wheel, this is the perfect time to get your car windows tinted. At TINT1NOW, we offer our customers a wide range of tint film options to give their car the exact look that they want – provided, of course, that we stay within the guidelines established by California window tint laws.

What Different Shades of Film Are Available?

Generally speaking, window tint film comes in several different gradations that are categorized according to the amount of light that they allow to pass through them. In other words, the film is categorized by how dark it is.
Light-tinted films are considered to be those in the 90% to 40% range, meaning that they allow between 90% and 40% of sunlight to pass through them. The darker films start around 40% and go as dark as 5% which is the shade of film that you’d typically see on a limousine.

How Dark Can Your Windows Be?

California rules and regulations for auto window tinting allow us to install any darkness of film on your rear window and back side windows. If you want to keep your car as cool as possible and reduce the maximum amount of UV light that gets through to your interior, we can install 5% limousine-style tint film on all of these back windows for you.

Your front side windows are restricted by California window tint laws, however, to a maximum of 70% darkness. This law exists to a great extent in order to protect law enforcement officers from approaching a vehicle and not being able to see the driver. While we are unable to accommodate requests for darker film on these front windows, it is important to keep in mind that having dark film on your back windows will make the front appear darker.

There is no window tint film permitted on your windshield other than a four-inch sun visor strip along the top of the windshield. This visor strip can be in any shade of film you desire, including 5%.

Additional California Window Tint Laws

The State of California enforces several additional laws on car window tint apart from those pertaining to the shade of your film. These include the following:

• Auto window tint film cannot be more reflective than a standard window
• Film cannot be in the colors red, amber, or blue
• Any automobile with a tinted back window must have dual side mirrors

About TINT1NOW’s Compliance

As mentioned earlier, TINT1NOW will only perform legal installations that comply with California window tint laws. If you have film on your windows that was installed illegally by someone else, we can assist in removing it for you and replacing it with legal film as well. If you have any questions about the laws affecting window tinting in Oceanside, Carlsbad, or Encinitas, please feel free to contact TINT1NOW at (760) 607-8949.

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